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Preparing For Tomorrow’s Workforce In A World Run By Machines

Gerd's brand new post just went live on Forbes. As smart machines and algorithms begin to excel over and above human capacity, Gerd believes that we must consider what uniquely human qualities will be needed in the workforce, and how HR's traditional performance metrics will need to shift to support this change – from measuring efficiency to measuring humanity!

In an automated world, efficiency is dealt with by machines, so where can we excel as humans?

“Your best team member may not be the fastest, nor the most accurate – but they might just have something else that propels them to excel, to sell more, create better, solve smarter or create a great workplace environment. Maybe what makes them more inefficient (as compared to a machine) is also what makes them so important?

…I propose the introduction of what I call the Key Human Indicators (KHI) to first complement, and eventually substitute the existing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that we rely on so much today. This shift towards valuing, nurturing and measuring human-only skills in the workplace is already palpable, as we discuss the concept of EQ (emotional intelligence) over IQ.”

Key memes in Gerd's post include:

  • The end of routine is near
  • De-humanize work at your own peril
  • Efficiency is for robots – agency is for humans!
  • KPIs measure the past, while KHIs will measure the future.

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Guest post by The Futures Agency content curator Petervan

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