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Join me for GerdTalks#9 May 26 6pm CET. New Realities: AR, MR, VR and the Metaverse.

New Realities: AR, MR, VR and the Metaverse. Heaven or Hell?

Since the beginning of the Internet, the concept of ‘cyberspace' and ‘online worlds' has been a constant theme and the subject of numerous famous science fiction plots, as well as the ambitious mission of countless startups. VR's basic promise is that you can dwell (or…. live?) in a 3D, fully customisable and limitless digital ‘fantasy world' where everything is possible, free of restraints of a physical nature, location or regulation – from Second Live to The Sims to Roblox to Fortnite to Facebook Horizons and Microsoft Mesh and the flood of recent Metaverse projects. This is a really tantalizing and powerful idea – but how real is it, and will it be mostly heaven… or not? And given that we are now living in the era of ‘exponential everything‘, science fiction is increasingly becoming science fact…it seems 🙂

But how feasible is VR, for businesses or for consumers, and is it actually compatible with human brains (and bodies) – or is it as dazzling but also as unrealistic as perpetual motion? And will Augmented/Mixed Reality be more feasible and more humanly sustainable?

VIRTUALITY in any shape or form, whether AR (augmented reality), VR or in MR (mixed reality) seems to suddenly be no longer the exclusive domain of hardcore gamers. Rather, it is being pitched as a kind of next edition of the (mobile) Internet, a next step in the evolution of the web (web3 + NFTs ++ etc). Although VR is currently still very much held back by the high cost of suitable devices and bandwidth issues or computing power, the buzz is reaching gold-rush like proportions.

We are leaping into the future – gradually, then suddenly is the new normal. And yet – will virtual life make our real-lives better, or will we just vanish into exciting simulations?

In this episode of GerdTalks, I will address both the positive i.e. the possibly ‘heavenly' aspects of this development as well as the negative i.e. more ‘hellish' trappings that may occur if we aren't careful (see the current social media debates on disinformation), and will outline what it all means for marketers, communications, e-commerce, and business as well as life in general, in the next 5-7 years. I examine the concept of the Metaverse from a variety of angles, and will make some recommendations on how to get involved (or not).

I will present for 15 minutes and will then take live questions via LinkedIn and YT, as well as bring in some special guests. The event will be live-streamed via LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitch/Twitter and many other platform as well as on my website. Sign up on Eventbrite to get email updates.

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