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My film “Twice upon a Time”: New edit with only the Good 2030!

This is a special new edit of my recent film Twice Upon a Time see and We received a lot of feedback about the 'lousy 2030' part being a bit too long and dystopian so we figured we'd also offer a new edit that features only the good 2030 aka #thegoodfuture :) I hope you enjoy this version; if so, please be sure to subscribe and share it widely! This film is a passionate call for action to everyone - we must act now to ensure the good future. Our attitude contains our future, and the choices we make today create our future. We are to be architects of the future - not its victims (Buckminster Fuller).

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My new film “The Good Future”

I am here to tell the story of The Good Future. I believe in a future where the power of human ingenuity, science and technology solves our biggest problems. I also believe that humans are basically kind and capable of collaboration (read 'human kind' by Rutger Bregman! )

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