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New interview video: Futurist Gerd Leonhard in conversation with Emily Miller (NetApp): how will we ensure the collective benefit of technological progress?

This is episode / excerpt #2 of a recent interview with Netapp's Emily Miller – watch the entire conversation here.

How will we make sure that technology will still serve humanity in the future? Are we destined to ‘transcend humanity'? How will we govern technology in the future? What do we WANT to be (not just what we CAN be)?

“Ethics is knowing the difference between having the right or the power to do something… and what is the right thing to do”

“Embrace technology but don't become it”

More of my memes and statements are here. Download these videos here (GerdCloud). View my latest short videos at The original version by Netapp is here.

Thanks to Emily Miller and Netapp for making this video available!





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