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Announcing a new speaking topic: A FUTURIST’S CASE FOR TECH REGULATION

The adage “too much of a good thing can be a very bad thing” is true for most things that might cause us harm but that we enjoy, regardless - be it food, coffee or alcohol. Yet right now, this obvious need for responsibility and balance is particularly glaring when we consider our exponential technological progress and the increasingly dominant (some would say monopolistic) behaviour of the world’s leading tech giants

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Join us for the Transhumanist vs. Humanist Online Debate with Calum Chace and Gerd Leonhard April 23rd 2020

Calum Chace (the transhumanist) is a global keynote speaker and best-selling writer about the future impact of AI. His best-known books on AI are Surviving AI and The Economic Singularity. More at Gerd Leonhard (the humanist) is a top-rated Futurist, the Author of Technology vs Humanity, the CEO of The Futures Agency and a Global Keynote Speaker see

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Announcing Gerd Leonhard’s first virtual conference: March 12 2020, on Sustainable Futures

The covid19 virus is quickly becoming a major interruptor as far as live events, conferences and generally larger gatherings of people is concerned. I remain hopeful that it can be contained in the next few weeks but I also think we really need to start looking at alternatives for traveling to places and meeting face-to-face (even though I very much enjoy doing that, the environmental costs are staggering, as well). This will take some serious adjusting but I think it can be quite fruitful, as well. Hence I am announcing my first online conference, today, using the amazing ZOOM platform.

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